First Charter Operation from Moldova to Crete

The first Moldovans arrive in Heraklion on the initiative of Deltanet Travel.

For the first time, starting from this summer, tourists from Moldova will be able to travel directly to Crete and more specifically to Heraklion Airport.
The initiative was taken by the Crete-based Incoming Tourism Company Deltanet Travel, owned by Michalis Vamiedakis, which recently has managed to sign an agreement with Amadeus Travel and Voiaj International, in order to build an important partnership for the summer of 2014 on the island of Crete.

In this way the first charter flights with Air Moldova were scheduled, connecting Chisinau, the capital and largest city of Moldova, directly to Heraklion during the summer months.

On 2nd and 3rd June, a presentation was held in Chisinau focusing on Crete island and aiming to promote it as a new exclusive destination for Moldovans in 2014

The presentation was attended by representatives from more than 80 travel agencies from across the country. Particularly impressive was, according to Mr. Yiannis Papadopoulos, Commercial Director of Deltanet Travel, the interest shown by the travel agents during the presentation and which was continued immediately after the presentation at the travel agents’ offices, for more information and reservations.

The charter flights will be operated on weekly basis and the first flight, which is already full, will be operated on Wednesday June 25th, while there is a strong potential for subsequent flights until the end of the Autumn.

«Moldova - a country located between Romania and Ukraine - until recently had no opportunity for direct connections to Crete and the main tourist destination was Turkey. The flights from the capital Chisinau to Heraklion Airport, facilitate the target namely for Crete to become one of the most popular destinations. The opening of the Moldavian market, whose development we have been following up for several years, is part of the broader strategic planning of our Group to expand to regional former Soviet Republics such as Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other markets which currently have little or no presence in Greece at all. The standard of living has improved significantly in recent years and moreover the passengers travelling belong to the higher social class with a high income and high purchasing power» declared Chairman and CEO of Deltanet Travel, Mr. Michalis Vamiedakis.

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